Kellie Peterson

pol·y·math ˈpälēˌmaTH/ (noun)
a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.

CEO at, formerly Head of Domains at Automattic, Inc., outraged citizen, avid collector, sommelier, Chicago native, architecture buff and lifelong learner.

I’m a Nerd.

For more than 20 years I’ve helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, politicians, and non-profit organizations acquire domain names and build dreams on top of them. As an idealistic pragmatist I dedicate my life to improving the web for all people through Open Source advocacy and User Experience zealotry.

  • Executive Leadership
  • Registrar Operations
  • Internet & Web Policy
  • Product Management

Career by the Numbers


years in domain industry


revenue generated


dreams launched



*Well, maybe just that one regret.

Things You Should Know

A little detail goes a long way.

Oscar, 2009-2018

This guy right here. I might have adopted him, but he saved my life.

Bordeaux, France, 2017

I like a good glass of wine now and then. I might know a little about it too.

Automattic Grand Meetup, Orlando, 2019

Hanging out with almost 1,000 of my colleagues for a week is one of the highlights of my year.

Margie, 2017

Nothing makes people smile like a VW bus. Margie made me smile too, every time.

Getting a Head Shave for Charity, 2015

I don’t take myself too seriously. Getting my headshaved for a good cause.

Cloudfest, 2019

Discussing Domain Connect at the annual Cloudfest event in Rust, Germany