Watcher’s Log

The Queen’s Gambit

It’s just about perfection. Anya Taylor-Joy lends a balance to the main character which I was not expecting. It’s not at all surprising that Chess is making a comeback. It’s downright sexy in this limited series.

Animaniacs (2020-)

I so wanted to enjoy the reboot of Animaniacs, but four episodes in and I’m not sure that I’ll be persevering. A little Pinky & the Brain goes a long way. Likewise with the Warner siblings. Without the other characters of the original series it’s a lot of the same ol’ same old.

High Fidelity (2020)

The John Cusack starring film of the same name from 2000 was practically a right of passage for anyone who gave two shits about music and also suffered romantic heart break. The 2020 HBO series starring Zoë Kravitz is the rare update both honors the original, but gives plenty to its new audience. Hulu’s decision…

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

With The Good Place coming to a close I was looking for something new to fill the “light, yet thought provoking” spot in my entertainment slate. Enter ZEP. I’d only ever seen What/If, the Renee Zellweger over the top soapy guilty pleasure and I wasn’t exactly impressed. Truth be told, I found her rather insufferable…


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Entertain Me

I haven’t watched “TV” in years, but I watch plenty of programming. I’m easily entertained yet hard to please.

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